What is Splendoorz?

Splendoorz is a durable, decorative door cover that easily slips onto your door providing a fresh new way to decorate for the holidays, add some fun to a room or simply show your support.

No more cheap, plastic covers that barely cover the door, have to be hung with pins or tape or doesn’t last more than a few days.

Splendoorz covers the entire front side of the door and the elastic straps allow it to be hung in just seconds. It doesn’t require adhesives or pins , so it won’t ruin your door.

It comes in two sizes and is flexible allowing it to fit any standard interior or exterior door. In addition, they are made to fit doors with knobs on the right or left side.

Splendoorz is made of 100% premium polyester fabric and the quality stitching allow it to be machine washable and dryer safe, so no need to worry if it gets dirty. It is made to last, so you can enjoy it from season to season.

If you have an idea for a cover, we can customize any design as long as we have a high resolution image. Just click here to complete the necessary info.